Hello, thanks for being here. I am a designer driven by the question ‘what if…?’ to help brands grow and tell their stories through words, visual and tactile materials.

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About me

I am an independent senior creative based in England. I work with all sorts of local, national and global organisations to build their brands and tell their stories.

From teenhood dream, to becoming a graphic designer, realising now that job description doesn’t quite cut it.

Turns out I’m a story teller, puzzle solver, visual teaser and designer of brands. Speaking of which – I believe a brand isn’t just found in its visual identity. It’s actually something that responds to three questions ‘what is’ ‘why is’ and ‘what if’.

I believe that a brand should grow from inside out and it’s in that growth that the biggest puzzle lies. To borrow and skew a phrase from a famous 90s song ‘I’m designed for life’ I believe all life is designed and as such I believe design can be used to benefit and contribute to the best life for all lives.


What is happenning to all of us?
The short answer? Life. We all share a home called earth and the life experienced on it is mixed. Some struggle through it, some take it as it is and some work to make it better.

Why is design important?
Because from the beginning to today, all life was designed to fail, learn and grow. I believe that the design industry is more aware of this now than ever before. I believe us designers are here to put our gifts to work in making things truly useful, more valuable and ever better for all.